Greetings Earthlings!
Greetings Earthlings!

This page is here to tell you a bit about us.
We travel the cosmos to bring you this
fantastic assortment of collectible Alien goodies.
We work hard gathering products from various
manufacturers throughout your Galaxy as well as
those you have yet to discover. We do this for you
because you love us, and we want to show you
that we love you too.

Please note that not all items will always be available!
Alien novelty manufacturers are constantly changing their inventory
and are forever putting together something different.
If they no longer have an item in stock,
the only available inventory would be that which is in our
warehouse on your planet. We may find the particular
item again someday in the sticky hands of some greedy being,
but the chances of that happening are slim.
So if you see something you like, my advice is to
grab it while you can.

We ship every order using recyclable boxes and packing materials.
We are very interested in the conservation of your planet's resources.
After all, we may be taking over one day.
Er...ah... that is to say, because we love your planet, and you.

If you have any questions about anything pertaining to this web site,
please feel free to contact one of our Earthling representatives anytime
through your Earth e-mail system.

Thank you for your trust in us!
End transmission.